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Advertising holiday rental apartments - owners

Owners advertising holiday rental apartments on the island of Lanzarote are first of all blessed with all-year-round good weather. The abundance of sunshine and warm temperatures which afford the seven islands of the Canaries gives the added bonus of any apartments being booked all year round too - without any seasonal lulls due to inclement weather periods.
One of the advantages of this of course is that weekly rental prices can be reduced according to the longer rental period. One doesn't have to take into account bad weather periods, without any rental occupancy and make up for these by charging more for the occupied periods.

Informing potential holiday makers about your apartment and letting them know your apartment is up for rent is no easy task. With so many choices to advertise your Lanzarote holiday rental accommodation, rental apartment owners really need their properties to stand out and get as much publicity as possible to make a good return on it.
Advertising your apartment in the right place(s) is very important, as is going that extra mile to try and retain or convince old customers to come back the year after. Half the battle could be considered won if you can establish a good, regular client base, because besides looking for new customers you must also try your best to retain the old ones.

In an ideal world you would only need 25 customers booking 2 weeks each per year to occupy the rental apartment all year round... Saving 2 week for yourself of course! Get half of them to come back each year and you really do cut your workload! This will help to sustain either a small profit on your investment or at least enough to pay any mortgage on it if you have one?

When advertising holiday rental apartments you must present the apartment well using the right kind of techniques or use a company who can do this for you. The figures in the above paragraph could then be somewhat achievable - although in the real world things don't go quite that smooth... Many people will want the same dates, especially families with children who can only go during the school holidays.

Having checked out several holiday rental business either on the net, via email or on the phone, it can be concluded that the majority rely soly on a top ranking with the major search engines like Google and don't give much thought to smaller search engines which, some people still use. Nor does there seem to be many other forms of property promotion aimed at people who rarely use the internet.

Pioneering holiday rental companies like 'Canary Islands Property Services (CIPS) Ltd' appreciate that to have the slightest chance of becoming a successful business they are going to have to offer customers something more, something different and something better. CIPS Ltd want their customers to use them to advertise and showcase their apartments year after year because it 's working for them and don't believe in charging a fee if it's not!

The holiday rental market in the Canaries is something CIPS Ltd keep a close eye on. Advertising & marketing techniques are adjusted according to the changes and fluctuations in the market itself.

As with most holiday rental property portfolios one of the major factors which influences advertising, marketing and promotion from the property owners point of view is 'Price' and how well the property is being exposed to the widest audience possible for this price. The idea is about targeting the right audience of holidaymaker looking at private holiday rental accommodtion, at the right times... Not just placing it on a website with thousands of other property rentals and hoping for the best.

As we all know, it is during the school holidays that families with children will travel and most families will be aware of the price rises during these periods - this is when the package holiday and flight prices seem to shoot up. School holidays differ from country to country which gives windows of opportunity to target families in other countries at different times. Advertising campaigns and targeted marketing towards other groups of people (not in the family bracket) is done out of school holiday periods or during the close of them. It is very important and something high on the CIPS agenda to get to the right target market at the right time, whether through local, national or international media or any other form of advertising campaign. All holiday makers are different and should be treated as such! Advertising has to be done during certain periods, in certain publications or at certain times - these are the fundamentals of marketing, 'targetting the right audience at the right time'. The periods between school holidays are used to target all groups.

On another note, Canary Islands property services (CIPS) will be working hard to find the best deals around for flights to the Canaries and publish them on a regular basis. Saving both time and money for those wishing to book holiday rental accommodation on the islands.

Advertising a property with CIPS Ltd's group of holiday rental web sites can get you: free advertising, your apartment shown on multiple web sites by listing it only once, exposure through different kinds of media and tons of other stuff not offered elsewhere. CIPS Ltd are currently the only holiday rental business placing 50% of the very modest £80 fee, for a 12 month listing, back into advertising their sites and the properties on them - pooling this money together with other rental owners to fund alternative advertising methods and not relying solely on their web sites to give your property some exposure.

One would predict that to start with the advertisements maybe small and local but as more and more rental owners join It wouldn't be suprising to see regular ads on TV!

They can be found at: or


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